Learn more about senior leadership at NLCP.

NLCP is led by President and CEO, Dr. Garland Thomas-McDavid. Dr. Thomas-McDavid grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where her family was limited to the low-achieving school options in the neighborhood that they could afford to live in. After they learned about a free school choice program, she and her siblings began at a new school, and their lives changed forever. Even in her childhood, Dr. Thomas-McDavid knew that she wanted to become a teacher. She began her career at the middle and high school levels in the suburbs of Chicago and was then promoted to assistant principal. The next opportunity developed in Chicago with the Noble Network of Charter Schools, where they were looking for experienced school leaders looking to build their own school from the ground-up. She became a principal intern, then the founding principal at Johnson College Prep, and a lead principal. Armed with additional leadership tools and skills, she then made the move to become CEO of Civitas and then President of NLCP in July of 2017.

NLCP’s Christiana Campus is led by Principal Arriel Azadi J. Williams.

As a proud Alumna of NLCP and North Lawndale community native, Arriel Azadi J. Williams graduated with honors in 2008, and has been serving students, families, and teachers at NLCP for the past 11 years. After beginning as an operations assistant, she was awarded the opportunity to teach. From there, she became an academic department leader. Ms. Williams was later promoted to become Assistant Principal of NLCP Christiana, and as of fall 2019 she serves as the Principal. Ms. Williams has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature-Letters from Lawrence University.

NLCP’s Collins Campus is led by Principal Marie Sainvilus-Miles.

Ms. Miles is also NLCP’s Athletic Director. She most recently served as the Assistant Principal, Dean of Culture and supervised the NLCP’s Culture/Security team.

With over 20 years of experience in education, Ms. Miles has served in numerous leadership and education management roles in the private industry and at Chicago Public Schools, including the Chief Education Office, the Office of Literacy, Network Instructional Offices and the Office of College and Career Success. Additionally, as a certified trainer for CHAMPS and Quality Behavioral Support, Miles has led trainings across the country on various behavioral intervention programs that has led to increased student outcomes and improved school climate and culture. Ms. Miles’ is a champion of equitable education for all students and believes that no matter what life has given you, everyone has the tools within themselves to accomplish their individual goals in life.

As a public charter school, NLCP is tuition-free – there is no admittance fee or entrance exam to enroll at our schools. We are open to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status or disability status, and are an equal opportunity employer.